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Favorite Book: Because of Winn Dixie
Reading has supported me on hard days. Reading is a special activity that I can do anytime and anywhere. Reading inspires creativity and pushes your imagination to the limit.
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Favorite Book: Harry Potter
I’m Katie, I like books. Books help me engulf myself in other cultures and lifestyles. They also help me put myself in other’s shoes so I can sympathize with people in different situations than me. When I’m stressed, books can help me escape to a different world.
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Favorite Book: Trials of Apollo
Reading has inspired me to learn about different cultures. It has shown me different types of people all over the world in different situations. Reading helped me learn English when I didn’t know any, and exposed me to a whole new world of vocabulary. I love reading and it has shaped the way I view the world.
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Favorite Book: Pride and Prejudice
I have never struggled with my vocabulary or spelling, and I owe that all to books. Reading can take me to a whole different world, whether it’s a world of fantasy or a world of non-fiction.